I am a theatre director and actor and i want my work to convey an aesthetic perspective which can be developed as a bridge toward awakening aspects of an experience. I really love what i do so i aim on how inspired potentialities, invoked during a process of a project, can promote an inventive way of bringing a special quality of atmosphere to the stage. That is why i strive to explore how contemporary music trends and visual technologies in the field of art can exist in relation to what the theatrical present moment contains.

Up to now, my performances showcases poetic works as both theatrical and musical events, where music and acting become a vehicle for the audience to engage with dramaturgy that seeks to foreground issues of personal freedom, social dogmatism and historical memory.

From large scale spectacles with thousands of spectators, as in ancient theatre of Epidaurus, to medium scale projects, i aim to highlight an organic circulation between rhythm and musicality of the spoken word, alongside the technique of the actors, through which viewer-listeners can dynamically perceive the inner vibrations of the meaning of a play.